088 – Re-Failed. (Series 8 Trailer Breakdown)

Rampaging Rassilon!  They finally came out with a Series 8 Trailer!  Well you can bet buttons to boots that we’ll break it down and try to extract everything we can from it like a dollar dentist on a dare!  And we do.  We also take a fan suggestion and do a run down of some of the trippier episodes well suited for when you’ve got the munchies.  So grab your bag of Crunch ‘n Munch and trip out with the circus of oddities that is the Arrow of Time!

Dave’s choice for our Book Around You segment is Stanisław Lem’s Solaris, which doesn’t have nearly as much George Clooney as it sounds!

And for all you WhoTubers the WhoTube for this episode is “Doctor Who – The Twelve Doctors” by MysteronAgent : http://youtu.be/W8C56MrjJJE

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