082 – What Does Delphox Say?

Just because officially released information has slowed to a trickle doesn’t mean we can’t deliver Who news you can Who use! New monsters! New enemies! New-old monster-enemies! The recently revealed Ms. Delphox is described as the most sinister villain yet: a banker! Great social commentary there, writers, really stickin’ it to the man with that one. This episode also features another edition of our book corner, whimsically named The Who-ey Decimal System, in which Dave discusses The Humanism of Doctor Who by David Layton.  Lastly, we introduce a less fanciful new segment, It’s a DVD, covering the release of Second Doctor story Moonbase.

Delve into pop culture with this week’s WhoTube, “Top 10: Doctor Who References” by TARDISArchives: http://youtu.be/D7GxJEqrnO4

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