077 – Eight is Enough

The Doctor Who 50th special had a couple of Doctors in it, which, you know, cool. It’s still a bit disappointing that the other nine (not counting the one we didn’t know about) were left high and proverbially dry. Enter Big Finish and their audio drama “The Light at the End.” Every other surviving Doctor, minus Eccleston, plus some very good voice doubles, gets together to tell a story without all those pesky visuals getting in the way. No matter how gray or round they might now be, it’s easy to imagine each Doctor in their prime. Well, maybe not so much Colin Baker, he sounds a bit jowly.

This week we’re knee deep in WhoTubes!

“Doctor Who: The Light At The End (Fan Titles)” by Ori Shadow: http://youtu.be/S1aFy8VISk0

“Doctor Who – Light at the End Titles Sequence” by BPFWhovian: http://youtu.be/HoKAXpojJQM

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