037 – The Second Annual Unplanned Summer Hiatus Comeback Special

Don’t call it a comeback! Except I just did! Our (unofficial) third season starts with the (very official) new series seven trailer for Doctor Who, which You can Tube here: http://youtu.be/qrEUBl2pacU. I’ll admit it has been a while since our last podcast. Still overusing exclamation points, though! Some things never change. For instance: we once again drag out comments about fleeting snippets of trailer footage into a full length episode! When the podcast is downloaded, you have my permission to listen. </Bane voice>

I may not cotton to the word “fanvid,” but it doesn’t deter Matt from choosing “Doctor Who Fanvid – You’ll Be Bright” by DiarFar as this week’s WhoTube: http://youtu.be/OlMve2gKX2c

“Mississippi” by John Linnell is the music du jour, courtesy of the first song that came up in iTunes when I hit shuffle.

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