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Hello again, it’s been awhile since the last entry, I will try to make a point to update a little more frequently so this doesn’t become one of those fun ideas that eventually turn to internet dust.

So I just recently dropped some coin on some DVD collections, the Doctor Who specials, and finally Series 3! It’s about freaking time I own my favorite series of what I consider “My Doctor.”  Now I’m not saying that Tennant is the best, I think he was fantastic and did a brillant job, and I also think Matt Smith is fantastic as well and have loved series 5 and of course loved series 1 with Eccleston.  Now I know that Tennant does get pegged as a very popular Doctor and some people poo poo some of the Tennant fans a bit referring to them as Tennant fanboys and fangirls, which there are, but I assure you I am a Doctor fan before I am a Tennant fan, but I do enjoy me some Tennant.  The reason I would say Tennant is my Doctor is because the first new Doctor Who show I saw was The Idiot’s Lantern and I was really turned onto the show because it was nothing like I really had ever seen before, and after my roommate Joseph turned me onto the series I was hooked, I would watch it here and there when he would watch it, I decided to get into it on my own and watched “Rose” on Netflix and was hooked on Eccleston, but since it was Tennant from the beginning Tennant has always been my Doctor.

Now I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and please have it, that’s what makes makes us so great and diverse, what I intend to do today is, please my case to all the people who look down on us Tennant fans as if he is a Scottish Johnny Depp, which I love Johnny Depp too which probably doesn’t help my case but oh well.

So other than being my Doctor, the reason why I love Tennant so much is because he is just a great actor.  I know he goes a little, ok way over the top and I completely don’t mind it at all, his moments whether serious, or wacky are all completely grounded, they are real and true to the character, and Tennant never phones anything in, I just love that.  I feel the same way with I would say most of Depp’s work, it seems though many Depp critiques are more just tired of seeing quirky Depp characters all the time and hate everyone talking about how good he is, but that is a different blog.  On the same side of that coin I feel that certain people’s dislike for things comes from people talking it up, so if you have people talking about how great Depp is, or how everyone just loves Tennant as the Doctor, I guarantee you, you will also get those people who dislike that person for just that reason.  I loved Napoleon Dynamite when I first watched it in the theater, I loved it until I heard the world quote it over and over again and now I don’t think I could ever watch it ever again, but that’s a different blog, I’m here to plead my case and not diagnose.

David Tennant is a fabulous actor, I was watching the Family of Blood 2 parter, and the role that Tennant gave as a human was fantastic.  Tennant was spot on proving that he can not only be a great Doctor, but he’s great as not the Doctor.  In that story, Tennant was really only the Doctor for about 10 minutes.  I really loved him for his range and honesty, him being able to step out of a character he has been doing for 2 years, well I don’t know maybe about a year and a half at that point, but stepping out of that and being a different version of this character, with different hopes and fears however still having to put glimpses of the Doctor in this character, this different person he has to play, surely can’t be easy, plus on top of it, playing the Doctor doing an impression of himself as a human, whew!   I really completely respect Tennant for being able to handle all of that.

Tennant really helps with the role by just being a great comedian.  He is also more than just a great comedian because he knows where to stop and be dramatic and really do well with drama, but for this paragraph anyway let’s dive into the funny, because I like funny.  I feel that funny is a very important element in Doctor Who, it’s really what keeps me watching it, however there is a difference between allowing the comedy to be in the story and forcing it in.  To tell you the truth I’m not the biggest fan of Hartnell or Colin Baker because of the fact that I don’t think either of them were too incredibly funny, and without the humor, the ability to not take yourself completely seriously, Doctor Who would just become another Sci-Fi show like all the others.  Then again it does need to take itself  seriously enough or it becomes too goofy and silly like say Love and Monsters with the Fat Bastard-esque alien.

A friend of mine who I have performed Shakespeare with, had the privilege to work and study with David Tennant pre Doctor Who and in fact pre Harry Potter, so he was little known at the time, but hanging out with him he said that Tennant was a very funny quirky guy.  You can tell he is a natural comic, but also well tempered in drama.  I really enjoyed him when he did Hamlet.  Many people I have seen get wrapped up in Hamlet being an emo kid, which he is, but don’t play all of his odd quirks which Shakespeare wrote for a reason, it’s boring to see someone be sad for 2 hours.  Tennant I felt did the drama well but brought the character to life with his quirky humor, check it out if you can.

I’ll wrap up this far too long entry, and thank you if you’ve stuck around this long, with a production from Human Nature showing off Tennant’s comedic skills.  Apparently they needed him to shoot the info video he makes for Martha, but they also needed him to kill time for the part she fast forwards through, and starts coming up with stuff off the top of his head.  Enjoy!

~Matt from Arrow of Time

PS.  Joseph and I shall becoming out with our first Arrow of Time Podcast shortly, glossing over the latest series and comparing the new Doctors.

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