143 – The Woman Who Lit Up Our Legally Acquired Content

The Arrow of Time is back once again to talk about some Who!  All the new Who content you can handle, which right now is exactly one episode.  We discuss the fabulous Jodie Whittaker and her take on Doc number 13, we also compare the new show runner Chibnall to his predecessors as well as delight in and of course criticize elements of his newly acquired show.  Don’t worry, Chibnall would totally be down with dishing out criticism.

For this week’s WhoTube we are spotlighting Screen Junkies  Honest Trailers – Doctor Who (Modern) with their send up of the Doctor Who modern era.


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142 – The Arrow of Time’s Foolish ChrEaster Special!

Hello Arrow of Timers!  Is anyone there?  We didn’t lose you did we?  Well either way, welcome to our Foolish ChrEaster (pronounced cree-ster) special.  Basically it’s the Christmas special that we recorded 3 months ago but we’re just releasing it now on Easter, which happens to also be April Fool’s Day.  So we’re getting a bunch of holidays out in one go.  Speaking of going, we need to get more podcasts going so we can be a proper podcast again!  In the meantime, enjoy this one!

Also you can enjoy this WhoTube by user Lonely Pencil called “Time Lords in Winter”https://youtu.be/ejDaSwA5jnE

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141 – The Announcement Heard Across the Internet

While Joseph sits the rest of the year out, Matt and Gabe discuss the exciting, yet oddly still controversial, announcement of the first woman to portray our beloved cell transforming  Time Lord.  Matt and Gabe delve into Jodie Whittaker’s achievements and speculate what kind of a Doctor she might be, what kind of companion she might have, and what kind of show runner Chibnall might be.

For your WhoTube enjoyment, check out this amazing tribute to some of the women in Doctor Who called “Women Of Doctor Who” by Beagonfei.


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140 – Best Laid Plans

Much like Moffat, we had a clever plan. Also like Moffat, we didn’t execute that plan as well as we thought we would. We rushed to record a podcast for you right after the episode aired, then life got in the way of this episode’s editor. That being said, here you go dedicated Arrow of Time listener. These are our thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams after watching “The Doctor Falls.”

For this week’s WhoTube, Matt found “Doctor/Master – Loving you is a bloodsport” by Graslistia Tigrish – https://youtu.be/sd0mJQgaU7g

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139 – Everything’s Relative

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Season 10 (series, if you’re English) has been a breath of fresh air, and Steven Moffat has been Moffat-ing it up. Peter Capaldi has fulfilled his promise as the Doctor, and yet it’s been spoiled that his time is ending. I could keep listing things, but there’s only so much space. Ride along with us as Matt, Joseph and Gabe examine “World Enough and Time” from top to bottom.

For this week’s WhoTube we have “Doctor Who Tribute – The Master of Disguise” from BabelColorApprentice – https://youtu.be/DgRW75oXyFQ

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138 – Sunshine, Lollipops, and Multi-Dimensional Beasts

Saddle up everyone because the Arrow of Time team is taking on the latest of Who with “The Eaters of Light.”  And they’ll also talk about eating light, and how much of a drag it is.  Also they discuss a FAN-tastic fan theory sent in by one of OUR fans, the FANbulous Conrad Fannington!  No that’s not his actual last name, but it would be amazing if it was!

For your fan made video segment of WhoTube we have “Doctor Who: The Boys Are Back In Town” by Sllittle – https://youtu.be/DRDKFQlRvr8

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137 – The One That Got Away

Children get older, and we’re getting older, too. One way we can tell is that we can’t hold our liquor like we could at the beginning of the Moffat era! In any case, we had a lot of fun talking about “Empress of Mars,” and we hope you have some fun listening to us get silly on the podcast this week.

For this week’s WhoTube, Matt found “11 and Companions ‘Soul Meets Body'” by bookdork1 – https://youtu.be/xFj0c0PaR_o

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