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127 – The Return of Doctor Disappear-eo

We’ve been gone for a while, but we’re back, for at least one week in winter, anyway. Sort of like a certain show we all watch, whenever they can be bothered to make it. Don’t dwell on that too much … Continue reading

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122 – The Big Goodbye

We’ve all heard the expression that saying goodbye is hard to do. That is especially true for a certain Time Lord we all know and love. In the series nine finale, “Hell Bent,” we look at the Doctor and his … Continue reading

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Review: Hell Bent – The Doctor, Clara and the Never Ending Story

By: Gabe @nospokenwords All things must end. It is an axiom accepted by scientists, philosophers, Mister Spock and our own dear Clara Oswald. It is not a sentiment shared by the Doctor. At least not this Doctor, this time. At … Continue reading

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109 – Serious Series Nine Speculation

That title just never gets old, does it? (This is a rhetorical question, please do not write in.) Comic-Con hit San Diego during what I will generously call “this week” and brought with it the usual assortment of pop culture icons, chief … Continue reading

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106.5 – More New to Who

In this glorious “Time and a Half” episode, Matt sits down with die hard New Who fan Kristi.  They discuss where the show is going, favorite Doctors, and the best method of trapping people into watching the current show.

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