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Day of Foolishness Complete

To be fair every day is pretty silly around here, but we’ve changed the site from an Inspector Spacetime tribute back to its proper Doctor Who form. Hopefully you got a chuckle or two out of the switch. We’ll be … Continue reading

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Dave Can Actually Draw

While my crude attempt at drawing a Blorgon was amusing, frequent podcast guest and actual stuff drawing person Dave showed us this sketch of the Eleventh Inspector, and we just had to share. Dave’s still a bit upset by the loss of … Continue reading

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034 – So Rapid a Folly

A brief lull in Inspector Spacetime has left us somewhat paddle-less in the creek of podcasting. We couldn’t bring ourselves to break from our tight weekly schedule, though, so we hunkered down and recorded a short episode for our faithful listeners. We cover topics that the unending stream … Continue reading

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I Can Draw 2

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