131 – The Creature Underneath

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No matter how often the current incarnation of the Doctor tries to convince us he’s a big meanie, the human-loving truth always comes out. “Thin Ice” fully displays this M&M like quality, showing the Doctor to be brittle on the outside, soft inside and subtly sweet in the end. This week, we discuss all this and a lot more that may or may not be related to this episode, Doctor Who or even this universe!

For this week’s WhoTube, Matt found “Doctor Who | A Doctor or A Warrior” by user GrayzeTV – https://youtu.be/vpJI5Froxl0

You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/GAb2IqkYtr0

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130 – Turn That Frown Upside Down

We’ve all had that annoying relative that says “Smile!” when all you want to do is spit in their face and pout. Well, in “Smile,” we see both of those relatives, and it doesn’t go well for either of them. There’s something to the advice, if you believe old 12 and about five thousand Facebook posts – smiling can boost your mood. Whatever, we don’t cotton to that nonsense at the Arrow of Time.

Stay fit with your WhotTube this week, Adrianna Ojrzanowska’s “Running with the Doctor” – https://youtu.be/t6mjCcf8rU8

You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/j2HisDofYCg

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129 – Fitting the Bill

There’s a brand new episode of Doctor Who this week, so we of course immediately launch into tangents about Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda! That’s quality podcasting you can’t find anywhere else. Once we get the manifold permutations of pop culture out of our system it’s down to brass tacks with “The Pilot,” wherein we meet Bill Potts, the Doctor’s delightful new travelling companion. Much to our surprise, El Steverino keeps most of his usual storytelling excesses in check, but he can’t help sneaking in a series arc mystery or two.

This week’s WhoTube is harsh but fair, “Doctor Who | Punishment” from TheGaroStudios: https://youtu.be/2u3oJeKVemA

You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/QzXzeZc2gcg

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128 – Bill and Doc’s Excellent Trailers

The Arrow of Time once again arises from its slumber to bring you the news, speculations, onslaught of intentional spoilers, and the many trailers gearing up to the big opening day. It’s been quite a while for The Arrow of Time, so join, Matt, Gabe, and Joseph as they get those gears grinding toward a whole new series!

For your Who Tube enjoyment here is Mathilde with Doctor Who Whovian Craziness – https://youtu.be/ss-zQeNu01k

Our break music this episode was by Trock band Dr. Noise Called The Doctor & The Master – https://youtu.be/5N2zVWXVMFA

You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/5MoXNpGQGdU

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127 – The Return of Doctor Disappear-eo

We’ve been gone for a while, but we’re back, for at least one week in winter, anyway. Sort of like a certain show we all watch, whenever they can be bothered to make it. Don’t dwell on that too much and (hopefully) enjoy as Matt, Joseph and Gabe discuss the “Return of Doctor Mysterio.” One thing is assured, the Arrow of Time team’s superpowers include tangents, dissing Moffat, and, of course, drinking! Another superpower, disappearing without a trace… See you all when we see you!

This week’s WhoTube is courtesy of our old friend Babelcolour with “Doctor Who A Babelcolour Christmas” – https://youtu.be/YJ1tkEFLRBM

You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/fWr7qT5OYvQ

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126.5 – Brexit and Doctor Who

DT TweetsIn this incredibly topical Time and a Half, Matt is joined by actual UK citizen Claudine, as they talk about the results of the recent EU Referendum versus the themes in Doctor Who.

Check out the mentioned NSFW video of David Tennant reading angry Scottish Tweets here: https://youtu.be/0nTrs-HuuUc

And if you like our theme song be sure to check out more of Legs Nose Robinson here: http://www.legsnoserobinson.com/

You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Ju-PUEwIyOU

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126 – Lost in Transition

Matt is joined once again by the ever clever Rachel, as they discuss the companions that bridged one Doctor to another.  They also spend a considerable amount of time talking about Legos.

The WhoTube this week is a very masterful homage by the always Trockin’ Legs Nose Robinson, with their song “Clara (A Pretty Woman Parody) Tribute to Ms. Clara Oswald.”  https://youtu.be/m7mIeOC5sBw

If you enjoyed the WhoTube and our theme song “Dose of the Doctor,” both of them were composed by Trock band Legs Nose Robinson, who you can check out here: http://www.legsnoserobinson.com/

You can also listen to our podcast on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/HqduUR0p52s



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