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Is This Better?

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I Can Draw

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Doctor Troll

I decided that I wanted to entertain myself by looking up some funny Who pics.  For some reason I was very much into the trolling theme especially tonight, so here’s some of what I found combined with a few other … Continue reading

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Big Bad Russ T

              One of the easily most loved and hated people in Doctor Who is without a doubt, Russell T Davies.  Now of course when I say hate I do not in anyway mean any strong negative feelings, but more … Continue reading

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Get your time pretzels!

Writer man Tycho over at the popular online comic site Penny Arcade has written a pretty good explanation of what makes Doctor Who fans, well, fans. It might help a bit when trying to explain the show to the uninitiated, … Continue reading

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Picture The Doctor!

So our more often occurring guest, Dave Jackson, is quite the artist.  We have put up his link in our “About” section and you can see all his amazing drawings.  Right now he is working on series of “Doctor” sketches.  … Continue reading

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Local Who

Here’s a clip that someone got of Matt Smith after he visited our home town of San Diego last week.  Perhaps he wanted to go to SeaWorld.  And thanks Renfred for bringing this clip to my attention. -AOT-

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