The Arrow of Time is a podcast about the British television series Doctor Who.  What sets it apart from other similar podcasts is that the hosts are, in fact, American.  While this is actually not all that apart setting, that doesn’t prevent them from having quite a lot to say on a roughly biweekly schedule.  Most of it even on topic! But who are the hosts of this show and why do they keep referring to themselves in the third person? I don’t know, isn’t that how “About” pages work?


Matt is your podcast host par excellence. He asks the tough questions that others are afraid to ask, like “What’s up with the Ood anyway?” and “Seriously, they’re like weird squid people or something,” which is not technically a question. Matt scours the ‘net constantly for the latest breaking Doctor Who news, or at the very least watches a lot of YouTube videos for the WhoTube segment. His favorite Doctor is probably Sylvester McCoy.  Just a hunch.



Going along for the ride on this PODCAST (which stands for Pursuing Online Dialogue(s) Chatting About Space and Time) is Joseph. An amateur astronomer, he appreciates the Doctor’s scientific approach when dealing with the unknown, which hopefully inspires people to think rationally and not be afraid of their own shadows. Unless it’s the Vashta Nerada, in which case, don’t blink! When Joseph’s not drinking and podcasting, he can be found drinking and not podcasting.


The Campari in our (soniced) mimosa, Gabe has a penchant for souring the milk with details and pesky facts he finds on the internets. Our unofficial timekeeper, Gabe also enjoys imbibing, which keeps him from becoming our official timekeeper. Humbled at getting titles for talking about one of his favorite things (after Christmas, petrichor and lemon bars), he is coo-koo for being co-co host. Also, his favorite doctor is Rory… oh wait, that was just a dream, wasn’t it?

Podcast Guests

  • Dave – Our illustrious first guest and all around Doctor Who aficionado. I’m sure he has a blog or something, and I would totally link to it if I knew what it was, which I do, and it is here.
  • Scott – Our illustrious second guest is somewhat new to the Doctor Who universe, but that doesn’t stop him from having deep and meaningful insight into time-traveling aliens!

Watermelon Cat

We’ve been following this feline’s sisyphean task for some time now, and can’t turn our back on his plight. Will he ever succeed in pushing that watermelon out of the sea?

Cat pushing a watermelon