147 – The Tsunami Condominium

“The TREsemme Conditioner?”  “The Tyrion Canister?”  I don’t know, one of those may or may not be correct.  But one thing sure is, we recorded another episode about Doctor Who, and here it is!  Right back to our night schedule shenanigans!  So watch out for those sonic bombs we’ll be dropping all through the show, curl up in your coolest Doctor Who wear, and guzzle some podcast juice because The Arrow of Time is underway!  Not to be confused with Arrows of Time, oh you’ll see… or rather hear.

Don’t get ejected from your starship without checking out this delightful WhoTube fan creation called Thirteenth Doctor: Walk by user Jula Misiak.

(Yes, we know it’s “The Tsuranga Conundrum.” Probably.)

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