137 – The One That Got Away

Children get older, and we’re getting older, too. One way we can tell is that we can’t hold our liquor like we could at the beginning of the Moffat era! In any case, we had a lot of fun talking about “Empress of Mars,” and we hope you have some fun listening to us get silly on the podcast this week.

For this week’s WhoTube, Matt found “11 and Companions ‘Soul Meets Body'” by bookdork1 – https://youtu.be/xFj0c0PaR_o

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2 Responses to 137 – The One That Got Away

  1. James says:

    How would you pronounce the typical British name Raymond Luxury Yacht?

    The anwer’s here…

  2. Joseph says:

    Good ol’ Throatwobbler.

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