132 – Something Mildly Irritating This Way Comes

Knocking on wood has many meanings. It is a way to let someone know you’re at the door. It can be a way to snag some extra luck. It is also a divisive episode of Doctor Who, at least amongst Joseph, Matt and Gabe. We probably cover almost every possible opinion of “Knock, Knock,” including an existential look at the title itself. Please have a listen and let us know your hot takes on the episode.

For this week, Matt found a Who Tube from asecooper222 called “Breathe Me”: https://youtu.be/Fiyahjmr8-k

You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/zFRSBji7Jjc

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2 Responses to 132 – Something Mildly Irritating This Way Comes

  1. Claudine Harper says:

    Been meaning to message you for so long but have been ill, but listening to you throughout! I still love your podcast! I have to say this: I agree with Joseph on how he feels and what he says in every way and I understand you for not watching all of the Pirates of the Caribbean because I hated it too! Lol!

    I agree this season has been meh…your podcast is much more entertaining!
    Love Claudine Harper xxxx

    • Gabe says:

      The first Pirates movie is so good though! The rest go off the rails, though. Hopefully the new one fixes things. Also, “Thin Ice” and “Oxygen” have been great IMHO… spoilers!

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