126 – Lost in Transition

Matt is joined once again by the ever clever Rachel, as they discuss the companions that bridged one Doctor to another.  They also spend a considerable amount of time talking about Legos.

The WhoTube this week is a very masterful homage by the always Trockin’ Legs Nose Robinson, with their song “Clara (A Pretty Woman Parody) Tribute to Ms. Clara Oswald.”  https://youtu.be/m7mIeOC5sBw

If you enjoyed the WhoTube and our theme song “Dose of the Doctor,” both of them were composed by Trock band Legs Nose Robinson, who you can check out here: http://www.legsnoserobinson.com/

You can also listen to our podcast on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/HqduUR0p52s



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  1. Laura G says:

    Ok, so I am obsessed with DW, hence listening to your podcast! I am a casual gamer, who has only played PC adventure games, DW Legacy on my Kindle, and had a Wii way back when, GoT and TWD on Steam, etc. Listening to this podcast makes me want to get into the Lego Dimension realm asap! Which system should I invest in? Also, I am hoping for a male companion, or maybe a couple of friends who aren’t romantically involved with each other. Sorry for the long comment!

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