125 – The Moff Moves On


It’s a new year and a fresh new void of Doctor Who episodes.  Luckily for us a whole lot of news has been popping up and your plucky friends at The Arrow of Time are here to talk about it.  Join Matt, Gabe, and special guest Rachel as they discuss Moffat, our future leader Chris Chibnall, and Chibnall based entertainment.  It’s a WHOOOT!

Our WhoTube this week is a chilling venture, highlighting the more frighting moments of Doctor Who, titled “Doctor Who Horror Story” by user Voordeel.  https://youtu.be/ssHvW_dW76o

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  1. James says:

    There’s a BBC comedy called ‘Episodes’ about a couple from the UK who are hired to remake their hit British show in America. Steven Moffat says it’s eerie to watch as it remind him of his own experiences with Coupling. By ‘eerie’ he means he can’t prove they’ve actually based it on his own experiences, but this is what they’ve obviously done.

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