120 – A Nightmare on Trap Street


Well, it’s that time again. The air is crisp, the leaves have changed, variations of turkey are being served, and we end the run of another companion… or do we!?  It’s hard to say… or is it!?  One thing is for sure, Joseph, Matt, and Gabe aren’t buying into the hype just yet as they pick apart Face The Raven.”  So listen to The Arrow of Time sift through this episode as some might ravage through the stuffing from their Tofurky, or Turducken, or their Toduckahedron (that’s a chicken-duck-turkey with 12 faces made of tofu).

Be sure to get your full serving of WhoTube with “The Doctor & Clara Oswald ‘I Keep Coming Back For More‘” by YouTube user KatnissWinchester: http://youtu.be/V3GnIe3GWig

Also enjoy the break music fresh off of the newest They Might Be Giants album Why?

If you enjoyed our theme song, be sure to check out the band who created it, Legs Nose Robinson at: http://www.legsnoserobinson.com/

As well as our network, Musings of a Geekat: http://www.musingsofageek.com/

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