119 – Eat My Dust

The general idea of a scary movie/show/book/billboard is that the premise is so frightening it keeps you up at night. It’s even right in the title of this week’s Doctor Who snooze scare-fest: “Sleep No More.” However, the actual moral of the episode is that you should sleep. Quite a lot, actually. To the point that sleep is really the oldest thing. The most important thing. Basically, it is the very thing that makes us human. As you may infer from my attempted sarcasm, this wasn’t a favorite of ours. You might say at least one of us really didn’t care for it at all. If you want to know who, you’re just going to have to listen!

For this week’s WhoTube, Matt found “Doctor Who: Next Stop Everywhere” by user VERITASERUMUK: http://youtu.be/62kn1fNuu28

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