117 – Zygon in Sixty Seconds

I wrote this script suggestion and lovingly wrapped it around a brick. Apparently, my prayers were answered, so we now toss this brick of an episode gently through the window of your hearts. Witness the Doctor’s midlife crisis, only short a brand new convertible. Roll your eyes with glee as we discuss the lamest soldiers ever portrayed on screen. Bite your nails to the new improved Clara. And watch your step as giant electric tribbles abound. All this and two other things, in the most exciting Arrow of Time episode this week. And if you feel there just aren’t enough Zygons in “The Zygon Invasion,” the good news is that there is a part two on the way!

This week on Too Many Books, Dave discusses The White Deer by James Thurber.

And believe it or not, Matt has a WhoTube, “Doctor Who | Read My Mind | Amy/Rory” by purplefringe vids: http://youtu.be/8uJfBqbWcY0

Unfortunately, there are more Zygons than you think.

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