116 – Despicable Me

It's-a Lady Me!It’s a fact: purple is the color of death. Ron Perlman impersonators can’t be trusted. Kenny Baker never portrayed a Dalek. Breathing fire does not actually advance the plot. Learn these and other uninteresting facts as we delve shallowly into “Ye Girl in Ye Fireplace” “The Woman Who Lived.” Will Maisie Williams give up her lucrative career in Game of Thrones to be the next companion? Will a courageous writer finally destroy the sonic sunglasses once and for all? Will Strax single-handedly save the show by showing up? No. But you may find yourself mildly entertained! Marvel at Dave’s book segment BOOOooo–k! in which we discuss misconceptions of Medieval Lives by Monty Python’s own Terry Jones. Thrill to Matt’s unexpected WhoTube “Ten and Donna Noble | Unity” by Starseeker 32 (http://youtu.be/sxhpZ8pVRiQ). And yawn slightly as we digress often like fish in the night.

This week: Not as many Rufuses as you would like.

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