115 – No Ripples, No Problem

What do Vikings, South America, a police box, and the word ‘bafflegab’ have in common? Absolutely nothing! In our usual sloppy fashion we attempt to tie these disparate subjects together into an incomprehensible sandwich in much the same way that Stephen Moffat has in “The Girl Who Waited Died,” his best effort to remake the beloved “Pirate Planet.” Unfortunately for us, the brilliant Jamie Mathieson was only able to write the good parts.  Join us as we discuss corn, Game of Thrones, and electric eels in as riveting a manner as we are capable.

Included free of charge is this week’s “Book ’em, Dave-o” in which we talk about The Official Quotable Doctor Who: Wise Words from Across Space and Time.

And Matt gives us a delightful surprise with this week’s WhoTube, “Doctor Who | Pompeii | Twelfth Doctor & Clara” by purplefringe vids: http://youtu.be/uuQmOXIK1rs

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