114 – Bootstrapped

Our being correct average has experienced an unexpected boost this season as at least one of our number has correctly deduced “the twist” twice in a fortnight. Has Doctor Who strayed into the realm of the predictable? Maybe! But that’s not a problem when Toby Whithouse delivers a solid conclusory episode like “Before the Flood.” Now let burst the dam of your ears so that our podcast might flow into them like so much water over a mock Russian village!

If you find yourself confronted with a wall of water, some advice comes by way of WhoTube in the form of “Run Boy Run-[Doctor Who Fanvid]” by zha xia: http://youtu.be/a8XJdm27tps

And your underwater musical respite is from FamilyJules7X: http://youtu.be/uLQdC9r3mKA

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