112 – Why Is Any of this Happening?!

We don’t like to boast, but when we predict the outcome of a Moffat plot months in advance, we need to say, “Told you so!” If Moffat stays on as showrunner, we may need to change our motto from 20% right to 21.5% right (because he keeps doing the same thing over and over, you see). Listen to our subdued revelry in correctness and critical critique of “The Witch’s Familiar.” Not for the faint-hearted.

This week’s WhoTube is a 12th Doctor tribute called “Shut Up” from our friends Legs Nose Robinson: http://youtu.be/uSUQMOugbX0

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One Response to 112 – Why Is Any of this Happening?!

  1. Claud says:

    In agreement yet again.

    The whole Mercy thing REALLY irritated me because the Dalek said mercy to River in The Big Bang. I knew that The Doctor was not there when that happened. So my husband said that because of what the Doctor did in this ep (showed Davros what mercy is) it allowed that Dalek to say mercy to River back then. I don’t buy it. I am calling BS. It’s possible Moffat wanted to link that up but I was thinking I am pretty sure the Daleks have said similar things another time, and to the Doctor.

    I decided it is Moffat wanting to explain everything, esp. things that don’t need explaining…what it means when they say Exterminate over again (they are reloading), and why they would say mercy, why the TARDIS makes that noise (the Doctor leaves the breaks on) all that stuff….a few times it’s fun and cool but doing it to a lot of stuff every episode is too much, especially on big things, not petty things. And by trying to explain or add things to unexplainable things, yes he is ruining them at the same time. It’s like trying to explain love….it’s fine as it is, you don’t need to explain it and when you do you ruin it!! :D

    Also in Asylum, Oswin manages to say what she wants…(“I am human, I am not Dalek”…and “I am Oswin Oswald”). It could be argued it is not being translated like with Clara, but the whole idea in Witches Familiar is that they are unable to say certain things.

    I preferred this ep more than the one before (but was getting a little bored again) – the whole atmosphere is dull and depressing (ie not fun)…

    The sunglasses is just silly. It’s not cool, it is not clever.

    And yes the ratings for this season are apparently the lowest they have been for a long time and even made the news. It is worrying. People are fed up with Clara, they are liking Capaldi (mostly) but believe the writing is no good.

    I didn’t hate it or love it, too.

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