111 – All Sizzle, No Fleek

It’s our eleventy-first birthday, but all the presents are for you, kind reader, as long as you can accept that the presents are in audio form and there’s only one of them.  We also bring questions, such as this classic brain teaser: what if you told a BBC exec that they were looking at a man who would go on to tell the same story over and over again? Would they still hire him? No reason to ruminate, because they did, and that man is none other than Steven Q. Moffat! Now unwrap our latest podcast where we talk about (and reserve judgement on) “The Magician’s Apprentice” and test our knowledge with Doctor Who: The Official Quiz Book by Jacqueline Rayner. Spoilers: we didn’t get A levels, or whatever the English do for school these days.

One answer that’s never wrong is Matt’s choice for WhoTube, expertly filled this week with “The UNIT Files” by Legs Nose Robinson: http://youtu.be/JSG0A5i2bDg

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