107 – Olds

=If there is one thing that a podcast should do, it is certainly not record on a regular basis. If there’s a second thing it shouldn’t do, it is quickly post recorded podcasts. By those measures, we’re doing fine! So, if you don’t know last month’s Doctor Who news, this podcast is for you! Join Matt, Joseph and Gabe as they discuss and speculate about “news” and rumors not-quite-fresh from Cardiff.

Your random video for the week is “Dematerialisation – A Doctor Who VFX Shot” by the potentially pseudonymous John Smith: http://youtu.be/DNEjx6XUbfQ

And you don’t need a post-graduate degree from WhoTube U to enjoy Babelcolour’s Tribute to the Master: http://youtu.be/WeBv7Ma4M4o

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