106 – The Arrow of Trivia

ucThat’s right, the Arrow of Time is back in 2015 after their over a month long hiatus.  For this episode they play “Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit,” which was gifted to them by their fellow Musings of a Geek friends at the Who the What Now?! Podcast.  Feel free to play along at home to see if you can out-trivia these four gents and claim the title of trivia victor (you probably won’t have as many distractions)!  So get your quiz cards ready for this TRIVIAL episode of the Arrow of Time!

The WhoTube this week is Doctor Who – Centuries by TheMongooseGoesMeow:

Check out Legs Nose Robinson the writers of our theme song here:

And visit The Musings of a Geek Podcast Network for more exciting podcasts:

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