105 – Don’t Think (Don’t Even Think)

Wham!, that was doosey of a Christmas Special. On one hand, Moffat gives you his heart by bringing the Doctor and Clara closer together. Then, he takes it away by kinda regurgitating tired and unoriginal ideas. Kind of like this blog post is doing right now. Once bitten, twice shy! But you’re not here to read, so climb aboard Santa’s sleigh and come along with Matt, Joseph and Gabe as we revisit “Last Christmas.”

Does Matt have a WhoTube? Of course, it is “Crying When You Are Happy” from Miden Prod: http://youtu.be/_QiUONWeFac

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2 Responses to 105 – Don’t Think (Don’t Even Think)

  1. Claudine Harper says:

    I was about to tell you what I thought of Santa’s beard and then you said you should ask me! So, no I didn’t like his beard. It was distracting in a bad way!!

    I agree with so much of what you guys said, about Blink, about those characters being a prototype for Amy and Rory and about not wanting Clara back… I like her now, I liked her at first, then didn’t and then did again, like Matt said.

    I agree about what you said about the episode.

    Also agree that you feel emotionally spent on all of Clara’s stuff…I think it would be better to have a new companion now. Or like you said, another companion to join Clara and 12.

    My kids hated the episode! O.O

    Totally agree about Frozen and Clara!!!!

    Great podcast guys! Back on form!

  2. Claudine Harper says:

    OMG that Who Tube was perfect!!

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