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Hey everyone, The Arrow of Time and a Half is back! Also, so is Kelley! Matt and Kelley Skype it up as they dig deeper into the series 8 finale, as well as series 8 in general.  One thing is for sure about digging, the deeper you dig, the bigger holes you uncover, and plenty of holes will be revealed!

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  2. Claudine (I still love you guys) Harper says:

    Thanks Matt for doing another analysis on this episode.

    I thought the cybermen need consciousness just to have you be able to be a cyberman but delete your human emotions, the emotions that stop you from hurting people and caring about others. That’s my understanding. The deleting of Danny was just for him to delete his pain, so his emotions, not the whole of him.

    Mistress can mean the head of the household, or a person of authority, control and ownership, the same as The Master. It has nothing to do with the modern term of a woman who is with a married man. Mistress has the EXACT meaning as Master. It is equal. I think the only reason he chose her to be Mistress instead of female Master was to fool people for a while through the season. I do not see how having her name be Mistress instead of Master makes her any less of an authority. it’s just a name and what you are suggesting is clearly being judged by being offended in feminist terms. Because in other terms of judgement, her name Missy, Mistress, Master whatever, doesn’t matter!

    If you do not think that Moffat’s writing was intended to insult women, then it is not a feminist problem. It is only a problem because feminists see everything negative against women. So then if he had no intention then your take of offense is your perception of an attack on your own ideological theories.

    It is only a theory that a male Master in season 8 would not kiss The Doctor. If the Master was male this year, it is possible Moffat would have written him to kiss the Doctor.

    I didn’t think Missy was hysterical. I think she came off as mentally disturbed, the same as Moriarty and The Master from the Tennant episodes. She was not crazy at all, she was quite in control and calm actually and that kind of portrayal is more creepy. I think Kelley is sounding more hysterical here!! John Simm’s portrayal was actually more hysterical than Missy.

    Moffat does have a limited imagination on characters, including some of his female characters but this limitation applies to men he writes too.

    Missy came off exactly the same as Moriarty in BBC Sherlock and that is pretty much the limitation of Moffat’s imagination of the arch nemesis.

    The Master is just the Master, as a Timelord is using a female body, that is it!!

    I think there was a flaw in The Master or Missy giving the Doctor an army. The whole point of it was too small for such a big build up. But i think it was for the Doctor to choose whether he was a good or bad man…he decided he is neither, he is just a mad man in a box and that was the point. The episode was just a little disjointed and messy, the build up disappointing and as entertainment, was a little dull and dreary.

    Clara has been mean to The Doctor about his age and his grey hair too. The Doctor was making fun of Clara’s face and nose, as a light hearted joke. I have seen men do the exact same joke on other men, like 11 did with Rory’s nose and people making fun of 11’s chin. So I am calling B.S on that point. People can make jokes about others appearances without it being about gender bias.

    Sorry, cannot stand feminist bias. I love The Arrow Of Time but let’s have unbiased judgement that we are used to next time, please!!

    Thanks for trying another go at talking about this episode. I appreciate your efforts Matt.

    • Matt says:

      I’m sorry we couldn’t pull through for you on either episode. Personally I blame the finale, perhaps we should have taken a cue from the Tardis Tavern podcast and just refused to talk about Death In Heaven. Thanks for all your feed back as always! :)

      • Claudine (I still love you guys) Harper says:

        Awww, don’t be sorry, it is not your fault at all. The usual Arrow Of Time team could have handled this ep just fine, but it was unfortunate the alcohol and extras made it hard to analyse it the way you normally do. And then, feminist bias, just never works on me. But you guys rock 99.9% of the time!

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