102 – Clara Unhinged

Out of all of the reveals to come from “Dark Water,” the biggest has to be that people don’t know who the Master is. They obviously don’t listen to our podcast! If they did, they might even know who the Rani is, and share our disappointment at Moffat’s tendency to reintroduce new things. Still, we don’t have much bad to say about this penultimate episode. And of course, since the story is a two-parter, speculation abounds once more! What will the big finale twist be? Clara is the Doctor? The Doctor is the Master!? Everything is exactly as it seems!?! Yeah, probably.

This week Dave brings us two books for our You Can’t Have Two Books segment, Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick and Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis.

And you’ll be in hog heaven with Matt’s WhoTube, “Doctor Who – The 12 Doctors Alternative Trailer #2” by Takeabow2: http://youtu.be/PsFa_n4s-3s

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