101 – Childrenesque

Just what we needed, an episode that features one of our “favorite” things, right up there with the production “style” of Steven “Moffat.” “In the Forest of the Night” starts off on the right foot with a William Blake reference, but then quickly becomes full of children, likely with sticky Jammie Dodger hands. There are also lots and lots of trees (at least four), but mostly nothing happens, so we end up speculating wildly about the next episode.  Missy is the Rani? The Rani is the Master!? Clara is Handles!?! We’ve got to be right someday!

For Mogli‘s Fantastic Book Break, Dave brings us the obvious once again with Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake. Check it out at Project Gutenberg!

For this week’s spooooky BooTube we have “Doctor Who – Can You Hear Them?” from user 2Scribble: http://youtu.be/-u9KcSKyMZw

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  2. Gabe says:

    Apparently, St. Paul’s is not so well known by a bunch of guys from California!

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