099 – Out-Moffating Moffat

The new guy is two for two! Jamie Mathieson quickly shoots up the Doctor Who episode writing charts with “Flatline!” Sure, this may have one of those this-has-never-happened-before- except-the-time-it-did type situations, but he’s just channeling Moffat. And for all of Stevie-boy’s big talk, Matheison actually delivers monsters that make you run for the back of the couch! The metaphorical couch. In your mind. We don’t own a couch.

Dave’s It’s a Book Dave for this podcast is the obvious one for once, Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott. That is not a typo. Check it out at Project Gutenberg!

This week’s WhoTube reaches back all the way to the bygone era of 2006, with Calapine’s “Zombie (a Doctor Who fanvid)” – http://youtu.be/abSzx3O9awA

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3 Responses to 099 – Out-Moffating Moffat

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  2. Mark Harris says:

    A ‘council estate’ is a local authority funded social housing development. Many in our increasingly right-wing government associate estates with people on benefits, unfeasibly large families sponging off the state and with drug-taking feral gangs of layabouts and ne’er-do-wells. They’re often neglected because people don’t care; the thing about the estate in Flatline is a commentary on government neglect. I think your equivalent might be ‘projects’? It’s a phrase I’ve heard on TV.

    I love your podcasts. But please let Gabe finish a sentence once in a while!

    • dave says:

      Thank you so much for your informative and articulate comment. It does seem that things here across the pond are sadly similar. I often worry about what may happen if those very determined lunatics get their way….. Almost too frightening to think about. Fortunately for us, their are good folk in every county, burrough, city, district, and estate. I try to remember that. Otherwise, the hatred of a place and people in it would be too easy…….
      As for poor Gabe, yes, I do often interrupt him (for comic effect) and am generally a little mean. In real life, Gabe and I have a very loving relationship and he is the closest of my friends. As this comment went up, I found out that Gabe was not completely aware of the running gag, so I will do my best to let him have his say from here on….(as fun as it is to mess him about)
      So, cheers and thank you very much for that, too.
      And thank you for listening.

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