098 – Wait Wait… Don’t Kill Me!

Are you my mummy?  Ha ha, no, seriously.  I seem to have misplaced it.  I think I left it on a train.  In space!  Hopefully our “Mummy on the Orient Express” podcast will help jog my memory. Let’s see, we’ve got talk of guest stars, an odd disdain for Foxes, herring both red and otherwise, and even some mention of the plot… but nothing about my mummy. Oh well, it always finds its way home after a light killing spree.

This week Dave Has a Book and it is Ticket to Ride by Dennis Potter. [Ed. Note: Insert Harry Potter joke here.]

Our WhoTube is both Who and Tube this week with “Chameleon Circuit – The Big Bang 2 music video” from user willis epic: http://youtu.be/jsFleDHX3G4

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