086 – Mental and Iconic

With a dearth of Who news out there on the webosphere, we thought that we would need to work extra hard to deliver our usual timely(?) and informative(??) podcast. We should’ve know that we had nothing to worry about. What starts as a slow boil quickly leaves the confines of the pot as we jump from topic to topic, some of them even about Doctor Who! Our promise to you, gentle viewers, is this: neither snow nor rain nor drought of news will stay us from our daily… uh, weekly… um… We’ll keep doing podcasts.

Dave’s choice for our Bookmark of the Rani segment is Umberto Eco’s The Infinity of Lists, which isn’t nearly as long as it sounds!

Get ready to trock with this week’s WhoTube, “The Oncoming Storm” by Legs Nose Robinson: http://youtu.be/C4MPunubrnc

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2 Responses to 086 – Mental and Iconic

  1. Laura says:

    Are you sick of me yet? I have WAY too much time on my hands. Anyway, another fun podcast, and Matt’s WhoTube was spectacular. I just turned my 79 year-old mom (I am old, geez) onto Doctor Who (via the Girl in the Fireplace episode). Have you guys ever discussed trying to get others to watch the show? Thanks again for the fun, and you really don’t have to say my full name, just my first is good; I need a handle (Handles!)

    • Dave says:

      You are officially now known as handles! (my favorite who character ever)….if i understand you rightly, you would like us to discuss turning people on to doctor who on the podcast…..i think we can do that. Of course, we are always trying to get people into the who. My mother is also a recent convert. :)
      We are in no way sick of you, and having your kind comments is a big part of the fun for us. Thank you again for continuing to give us excellent feedback. Gabe and Joseph are here with me as i write this….and we all agree!
      Ps. Good choice with girl in the fireplace!!!!

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