081 – A Tangent Home Companion

There’s a new companion in our future, as you have probably already heard because it was announced a billionty weeks ago. I will now attempt to distract you from our tardiness with a bulleted list of topics discussed on this episode of the podcast:

  • New companion Danny Pink (pictured)
  • Companions in general
  • Doctor Who‘s schedule
  • Pros and cons of a changing fan base
  • Is Stephen Moffat going to leave because he’s a big whiner who says that he doesn’t have enough time to work on anything but Doctor Who even though there’s only like a dozen episodes a year and besides it’s his own fault that it takes so long anyway
  • Pants

Dave also introduces the Arrow of Time Book Corner, wherein he talks about Tiny Acts of Rebellion by Rich Fulcher.

And WhoTube this week is “Doctor Who – Love Don’t Die”¬†from user LiveLikeHeroes:

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2 Responses to 081 – A Tangent Home Companion

  1. Laura says:

    Huzzah for Book Corner,,it’s about time!! (ewww, ignore that I said huzzah).

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