079 – Steven Moffat is a Hack (revisited)

At the Arrow of Time, we may have given Steven Moffat a bit of grief from time to time about his tenure as showrunner. Oh, who are we kidding… If there was a drinking game where you took a drink every time we said “Steven Moffat is a hack,” we’d be responsible for many a hangover! In light of recent events, we think that we may have been unfair to Moffat. Spoilers: we have concluded that a number of his recent episodes are in fact quite good, so this week we pay credit where it is due.

Also in the episode, we said we’d link to this Nerdcubed episode where Moffat says some things about future episodes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeCM7LiThEs

And we have a doozie of a WhoTube episode called “Doctor Who: Every Story 1963-2013,” a 50th Anniversary update from BabelColour: http://youtu.be/rxmXrOPYirI


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4 Responses to 079 – Steven Moffat is a Hack (revisited)

  1. michael boon says:

    Moffat haters = Arseholes = You

  2. Gabe says:

    Listen Michael (or do you prefer michael?), you obviously didn’t listen to the podcast, so I basically think your comment is – like most of the internet – an angry ball of misplaced, ill-informed poop. But thanks for checking in. We hope you come back and at least read the whole post sometime.

  3. Santiago Venegas says:

    Do you all just assume that Ryan Gosling is the reason for Matt Smith’s leaving the show, or is there some interview that I can’t seem to find that reveals this? I ask because Warby keeps mentioning this and I don’t think I have read this anywhere.

    • Gabe says:

      It is purely speculative… Matt Smith had previously said that he would be back for one more season. Then, he announced his departure at the same time he was cast in the Gosling flick.

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