078 – Don We Now Our No Apparel

You know that dream where you go to church, but make the beginner’s mistake of not wearing clothes? Well hold on to your trousers, because it just became The Most Awkward Doctor Who Plot Device, Ever! In the ostensible Christmas special “The Time of the Doctor,” Steven Moffat borrows heavily from everything he’s ever written and some things he hasn’t, and then throws in a dash of implied/not-so-implied nudity just to angry up the fans. Christmas is in jeopardy (the town, not the holiday), all of his enemies have returned, and the Doc’s running around starkers! This really is a weird thing to be focusing on around Christmas (the holiday, not the town).

Our fully dressed WhoTube this week has Kelsey Kronenberg bringing us “doctor who last christmas” – http://youtu.be/BGmyRAPNvt8

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2 Responses to 078 – Don We Now Our No Apparel

  1. Enjoyed your discussion, guys, and agreed with most of it. Near the end, one of you mentioned you were disappointed Moffat tied the Doctor up in Christmas for centuries. True; but let’s not forget that he also, in series six, gave the Doctor an additional four hundred years of life we still know virtually nothing about – only that he jumped from 900 to 1200 years old, with a few televised adventures in between. So there is plenty of room for untold stories in comics, Big Finish, and the like. What Moffat taketh away with one hand, he giveth with another. :)

  2. Joseph mentions that the doctor is about 1700-ish years old. no one seems to be counting the war doctors years. I believe he’s over 2300 years old. If 11 and 1 are examples of the limit of lifespans for a single regeneration, the war doctor adds about 600-750 more years to his lifespan since the war doctor regenerated because of old age. Also, i do believe that the rotation of a foreign planet is irrelevant to the aging process of the doctor. he will age in the same time whether the night and day lengths are different than earths. In that vein of thinking, who’s to say he’s even telling us his age in human years. Maybe they’re Gallifreyan years. We have not a clue as to how long that even is.

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