075 – What Women Want (Spoilers, It’s David Tennant)

Tennant Tongue

This week we take a break from the 50th festivities to bring you an episode out of its time (we recorded it in the past and make occasional dated comments about the 50th happening soon).  Listen as Matt is joined by podcasters Kate and Heather with their take on David Tennant, ’cause there’s always more to talk about with this gentleman, ALWAYS MORE!

The break songs in this episode are “Turn To Stone” by ELO, and “Alien 8” by Lagwagon.

For your WhoTube viewing pleasure check out this sensational tribute loaded with feels called “Doctor Who David Tennant (It Was My Way)” by Seduff.


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One Response to 075 – What Women Want (Spoilers, It’s David Tennant)

  1. tenner says:

    VERY good… but make no mistake, Tennant is bigger here than you think. Not just amongst females, either, I know many who started with the classics (myself included) who say that Tennant is their Doctor, including Sir Terry Pratchett. I know a lot of Whovians that have more or less just sat through Smith’s run and watch it not for his Doctor but for the show itself. I like Matt’s Doctor, but he’s just too cold to me. I can’t get past him leaving those people to die on that space ship. Ten would not have done that, nor do I think would any other Doctor. Also, you forget, Ten regenerated into a family unit, RTD said he impressed on humans like a baby bird. As for being too human, I’d have to point out the Family of Blood, the Time Lord Victorious, “I can do ANYTHING!” (Voyage of the Damned) and too many other examples to mention here. He was very good at mimicking human behavior, yet he could never get it quite right. Also, Midnight is not just one of the best episodes, it stands up to any episode of any show for every reason. I enjoyed this very much and loved many of your observations. Keep up the fine work.

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