074 – The Five(ish) Podcasters Reboot

At the Arrow of Time, we enjoy probing into deep important topics, such as whether or not the comedy joke show known as “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot” is really a satirical sad sack of smelly socks. Or, if we have multiple Doctors, would they be called Doctor Whos or Doctors Who? Join us as we delve into that and much more!

For our WhoTube, we have “Holding Out for a Hero (a Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart fanvid)” from Calapine, and the Brigadier is Ace. But probably not the Ace you were expecting. http://youtu.be/KhbeaRvLX7c

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2 Responses to 074 – The Five(ish) Podcasters Reboot

  1. This was the worst podcast, I have ever heard. You guys were more interested in hearing your self’s talk than going through the Five(ish) Doctors reboot. You were all over the place, jumping in and out of stuff, that it was impossible to know what anything was.

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