072.5 – Dave’s Christmas Wish

For this deluxe edition of The Arrow of Time and a Half, Joseph, Matt, Gabe, and Dave talk about “The Night of the Doctor,” the latest and super exciting prequel that came out, and why we are all singing joyous praises to Moffat for his mere 6 and a half minute minisode (that word is still irritating).

Music that was used in this episode for breaks and whatnot includes “Television” and “If You Know Time” by Robyn Hitchcock, and “The Warrior” by Patti Smyth.

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3 Responses to 072.5 – Dave’s Christmas Wish

  1. Claudine Harper says:

    thanks guys!!!! I dunno who you are talking about!

  2. Claudine Harper says:

    LOL your music choices are so good!

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