064 – Don’t Splink

You said it couldn’t be done (and you may still be right), but we continue to churn out our weekly reviews of all the Doctors (and some other stuff, too). This being the third week, we examine that Intergalactic Man of Mystery, Jon Pertwee. Dapper and dandy, he’s pretty handy with his sonic screwdriver. And his car is swell, too.

Babelcolour’s back, and this time it’s personal.  If you see only one Third Doctor tribute this week, make sure it’s “The Action Hero”: http://youtu.be/ENg0N-EC07c

And finally, join Jon Pertwee as he teaches us Splink, the safest way to cross the street since you won’t be able to remember any of it and will just stay home instead: http://youtu.be/_r1UiNZ3G4Y

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