062 – Closer to the Hartnell

We are rapidly approaching fifty years of Doctor Who, and so we’d like to take some time to reflect upon the eleven incarnations of the show’s title role. No, not all at once, even we’re not that crazy/drunk, just one per week until the 50th Anniversary special. Since we’re doing these all chronological like, first up we focus on William Hartnell (which of course means we talk at length about Batman). From humble beginnings as someone who wasn’t portraying the Doctor, Hartnell charmed his way into our hearts by wearing a funny little purse hat, flubbing his lines a lot, and being generally disagreeable toward other characters and sometimes inanimate objects.

If you’d like to use a WhoTube to get up to speed on this Hartnell fellow, “Babelcolour Tribute – The Grandfather” will do the trick: http://youtu.be/NoxQKGDPtoo

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  1. claud says:

    apparently they had to film so many Hartnell eps through the year that they didn’t have time to reshoot the scene if Hartnell got it wrong but also he had probs with his speech because of some sort of medical thing he had.

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