060 – Britain’s Next Top Doctor

"Hello, sweetie!"The day of reckoning is upon us; the twelfth Doctor revealed! It is with a heavy heart we discover that Gordon Ramsey will not play the coveted role. (We really hope you didn’t place any bets on that.)  Still, we’re spinning this into a success, as we maintain our record of 80% wrong, a feat claimed by no other podcast! Though in this case we were closer to 100% wrong. The real man of the hour is a strapping young man named Peter Capaldi, to whom the sonic screwdriver has been passed. Look forward to his first appearance in the Christmas special, assuming he doesn’t fall into a ditch or something since I sort of made up that “strapping young man” bit.

For those of you with an awful memory we have the perfect WhoTube for your weary neurons, “11th Doctor Tribute (Part 1) – Unforgettable” by the always memorable DoctorDoggmatic: http://youtu.be/AFPRhjSYJdo

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  1. Claudine Harper says:

    totally agree with you guys about Capaldi. I am disappointed by the decision. He is most likely a good actor and can do it but it feels like a step back. He is like the love child of Tennant and Pertwee. Or Craig Ferguson. I was expecting a younger, more upcoming actor.

    “A lot less….fun good”


    thanks for the link to my vid guys!

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