059 – So Long, and Thanks for All the Smith

As always, the Arrow of Time is proud to be your number one source for timely Doctor Who news! We can now confirm unequivocally that Matt Smith’s hair will be leaving the show. Also: the rest of him. I know, we were just as shocked as you! So shocked, it took us weeks to get our act together and record a podcast about it. Listen along as we run through
month-old rumors about who will play the next regeneration of everyone’s favorite Time Lord, and of course throw some of our own picks into the hat as well*!

If you want to reminisce about the well-coiffed times with the Eleventh Doctor, give the curiously punctuated “protectors of earth • {doctor who}” by Mirien3 a watch: http://youtu.be/0ESOi1XfA58

*The opinions expressed by the hosts do not necessarily indicate the views of the Arrow of Time podcast or its hosts.

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2 Responses to 059 – So Long, and Thanks for All the Smith

  1. Claudine Harper says:

    yes your British accent was HORRIBLE! You sounded more like a Dalek on weed.

  2. Dave says:

    Hahaha. Thank you. I am hoping it was mine, but my accent is so bad that i decided not to have one at all. Also, what do you think a Dalek on weed would say? I have an idea…..
    To be honest, all the crazy accent flips on that one were pretty intentional, and still amuse me to no end. No offense was intended. I promise.
    Ps. I offend myself every time i speak.

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