056 – America’s Sweetheart, Warwick Davis

Come with us on a journey of fake moons, rundown attractions, and Cybermen who upgrade themselves more often than Facebook!  We are joined again by Dave and excitedly babble our way through “Nightmare in Silver,” the penultimate episode of episode 7B.  Oh, and Warwick Davis is sparkly.

If you’re looking for more Cybers (I could have phrased that better), look no further than this Cyber-tastic (I hope that’s not a real phrase) WhoTube by iheartbatman1969.  It’s a great Cyberman tribute set to “Mr. Roboto” by Styx.  This Cyber video is so well done you could call it Cyber-Optic!  (Sorry that was just terrible): http://youtu.be/novoZMzVgp0

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  1. darn the video is not available in the UK. Darn you BBC America.

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