052 – Distracted By Arthur Darvill’s Charming Acting Ability

This week we harken back to the old days, when we would unceremoniously cram two episodes of Who into one podcast, the difference being that this time I’m going to throw in some ceremony. So, henceforth and without delaye, by Official Decree and with all due Pomp and/or Circumſtance, the Arrowe of Time doth lay forth the episodes twain, “The Rings of Akhaten”and “Cold War” for placing upon the Populace’s manifold Ears and Mindes. And now I will never write like that again.

Our first and last “FanVid of the Week,” more commonly known as WhoTube, was created by YouTube user James Farr and is entitled “Blink To The Future – A Doctor Who / BTTF Mashup”:  http://youtu.be/dmK3AQ2Yozk

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