051 – A Different Kind of Hack

First and foremost, we here at The Arrow of Time would like to apologize to our witty and attractive listeners for the wildly fluctuating audio quality in this week’s podcast; we’ll have it patched by next week. Second and nextmost(?), we gathered up five fantastic fans to watch the premiere of S7P2, “The Bells of Saint John,” including newcomers Kelly and Kate. In this release of the podcast, we put our heads together and decompile the episode, wantonly ignoring the fact that it contains very little in the way of bells or saints. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Third and lastmost, but not least… most, WhoTube crashes into your high-rise office with “Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Trailer – An Introduction to Doctor Who” by MrLazarus01: http://youtu.be/oUlJfvzRw_A

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