050 – The Trailer of Monstrous Carnivals

They said it couldn’t be done: using that same clichéd line in two different podcast descriptions!  Or maybe they said it shouldn’t be done. Whatever the case, I really wish they would just shut up, it’s late and I’m trying to type. Dedicated podcast followers will realize that this episode concludes certain events that may have transpired previously. No spoilers, but you might call this a part two. And for this electric boogaloo, we slice-up yet another trailer with our razor sharp wit. Holy anniversary, Batman! It’s also our 50th podcast. So that’s a thing?

Alack! What Tube through yonder Who breaks? It’s “Doctor Who: ‘The First Question'” by LastWhovianTrailers, and modern technology allows it to be a click away: http://youtu.be/rrSaTHsHNsc

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