045 – The Podcast Hangs in the Balance

Welp, it was a good run folks. I mean, we have a hard enough time making podcasts in a non-post-apocalyptic world! After today, fending off constant mutant attacks and protecting our fuel stash will probably leave very little time to record chats about the Doctor’s top ten hats or whatever. Still, we will not go gentle into the night (a reference which far exceeds this podcast’s grasp), so here’s one last hurrah about Doctor Who episodes wherein the world(s) are in a similar end-y sort of predicament.  Matt also introduces a new quiz segment. No ancient civilization could have predicted that! Now, from all of us here at the Arrow of Time, I say good luck and farewell.

That is, until next week when we do the hat thing.

If you have a moment between dodging solar flares and rogue planets, find the nearest working computer and fire up the utlimate WhoTube, “Doctor Who Tribute: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” by TheOneandOnlyWhovian:

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