044 – Steven Moffat is a Hack

The episode has finally arrived, the inevitable swan song of our favorite companions named after a body of water, Jackson Lake and his son — wait, my producer is telling me it’s Rory and Amy. Which is weird because I don’t have a producer. Sounds like a paradox, the favored story-telling device of television producer and writer Steven T. Moffat! On this podcast, we don’t let SteMo pull the timey-wimey wool over our eyes and dissect “The Angels Take Manhattan,” trying to feel sad about the loss of the Ponds, but being too caught up in paradoxes and plot holes to find the time.

If you’re jonesing for that warm, fuzzy feeling, WhoTube has your fix with “You put your arms around me and I’m home” by VickiLovesDoctorWho: http://youtu.be/OverklPHJNs

This week you received a well needed break for our yammering from They Might Be Giants and their cover of “New York City.”

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