042 – Cube Hurt

“Billions and Billions…. of little black alien cubes are falling from the sky, run for your life!” – Carl Sagan

That’s right the cubes are a-fallin’ and we are a-podcastin’.  We hash out all the important topics like “which plot line should we follow?”, “Why was the Doctor so busy playing Wii, what’s wrong with XBox?”  and “Why didn’t he have the Sonic Screw Driver Wii Remote?”  So go outside, snatch out a cube, tune in and watch how it reacts to our latest podcast.

Our Who Tube today comes from the incredible stylings of lightandwaves who gives us a beautifully somber video portraying “We’re All Stories In The End”


The music used in this episode was “The Chicken Dance” by Die-Hard Polka Band and “Gleaming The Cube” by Robbin Thompson

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